RockChip Releases RK2108 Smart Dock Solution, Turing an Android Tablet into a Smart Display


RockChip releases RK2108 smart dock solution, which adapts to Android tablets and make tablets become smart display products. A Tablet with smart dock can be voice-controlled by users for apps, music, videos, searching and other functions, which will greatly expand the application scenarios of traditional tablets.




(Product Sample Design)

Rockchip RK2108 is a new  and high cost-effective solution for audio applications, with MCU+DSP architecture and supports A/D audio interface, MIPI DSI/MCU LCD interface and USB2.0 interface.

The solution features:  

1. It is built-in high-performance audio DSP, providing powerful voice signal processing capability

2. It supports audio pre-processing, active noise reduction, AEC, etc. for accurate sound recognition

3. It supports customized wake-up words and offline instructions by third parties

4. It is ultra-low power consumption both in standby and operation mode


Android tablets can be equipped with RK2108 smart dock easily via USB interface or Bluetooth, to turn into smart display products.Traditional tablets will become intelligent enough to accurately receive and display voice commands, and user experience in education, business, smart home and other scenarios is greatly optimized. 

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